About Us

DBA Association Objectives

  1. To promote network creation thorough new idea exchange for doing business, for instance, knowledge, opinion, experience, guidance, contact, meeting and sharing of information for members and  business related professionals
  2. To promote, support and maintain education and research about economics, society and ethics of members’ business operation
  3. To cooperate activity and welfare that are beneficially for members, create integrity and promote strong relationship among members
  4. To promote alliance among local universities and international universities that have the same objectives
  5.  There is no policy or doing  any activity about political activity, gambling or profit sharing among members
  6. To do project management of DBA Program as profit sharing partner for local and global universities
  7. To do project management for research activities with local and global public and private firms
  8. To do training program for any undergraduate and graduate curriculum with public and private universities include local and global both  public and private firms